Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here it is the end of April and I've got nothing to say. Nothing. What is that to mean? Absolutely NOTHING. How many times are we caught with nothing to say? We sometimes use cliches like 'cat's got my tongue', being 'dumbfounded', to name a few. There are so many events taking place around me, but alas, I've got nothing to say. Some might say that I have said enough so far and that it's good that I've got absolutely nothing to say.

However, I beg to differ. I want to say something yet I think it's all been said. I am therefore content in calm contemplation of existential paradigms. There is a redeeming quality to this type of thought. It is a regrouping, if you will, a reflection just before I embark on a new venture. A reflection which will be based in an eclectic freedom. Bucking the status quo can sometimes be admirable and necessary. Necessary because if our great inventors, thinkers, writers and politicians, yes politicians, did not say no to the status quo, we would therefore not grow as enlightened human beings. Even physics has to be creative to produce invention. We should all learn from the study of quantum reality.

So, as I enjoy my time of repose in preparation to rejoin my cohorts and others, I must say again, I have indubitably and absolutely NOTHING more to say.

Keep this thought - Nothingness is only a state of mind.

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