Tuesday, September 30, 2008


October 1st, 2008...Wow, soon it will be Xmas and .... 2009!!! Where did time go? What with our busy lives moderated by a progressive digital society...WHEW!

Regardless of what era we live in, WE HAVE TO STOP AND ENJOY WHAT AND WHO IS AROUND US!!!

All of us-each and every one of us-is connected. In a nutshell, those connections are what we are here for. Our connections to things and other beings define our soul...we are supposed to grow and learn from our experiences and interpretation of the world around us. Divine intelligence in its most basic form guides us. However, we become disconnected by allowing materialism dictate who we are and what the daily priorities should be. That is when we must remember to appreciate all that is part of our world.

**Just a thought for you to keep you going!!!**

Have a fantastic life and enjoy every minute of it

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