Monday, February 23, 2009

Pondering a Thing or Two

"Well then," said I, "What is the private character of such men, as they show it even before they are rulers? Whom do they mix with? Either with flatterers who are ready to do anything for them; or if they want something, they themselves grovel and condescend to any grimaces of friendship - but when they have got what they want, they don't know you!"
Socrates, 469-399 B.C.
Human nature has not changed one iota. Humans have only become what one can characterize as more civilized...but that does not translate into changing human nature. Every day we bear witness to acts of kindness, greed, hate, love and envy. One's personal end game often is the result of a combination of these emotions that moderate one's behaviour. Some of us are stars and need no announcement; others crave to be noticed and will do anything for the end game.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


All of us, at least in Western civilization, contemplate the single life. Think of this...we are born alone...we die alone. As we grow up, our psycho-social being is inundated with a learned moral cognizance. Essentially, we learn right from wrong including that of social mores according to our ethnicity, religion, race and culture. From anthropological science to judeo-christian credo, we contemplate nature vs nurture.

So, I ask...are some of us meant to be single for life, married for life, hangers on or just quitters? I think it is an individual learned preference. Can one be described as a maximized individual if one prefers one's own company to that of others'? Or, in more specific terms, one may prefer to not co-habit with a partner of one's peers and still thrive on valuable intimate and casual communication. Alternatively, one may need to be in constant company of a partner and not want or need the company of any others.

In some cultures, co-habitation with a partner serves a practical purpose to keep the family line and/or race going for survival. In North America, we have a somewhat relaxed attitude. We are constantly putting our social trends to numbers to make sense out of how our mores and religious values have changed. We can't truly judge another human being for what style of life they choose to live.

Rather, we must celebrate their one another when it is needed...all to appreciate the gift we have of existence to effect positive change.

Monday, February 16, 2009


How we lose track of time in the throes of everyday life's responsibilities. It is so terribly easy to not take note of the wonderful creations before us. Everything is a creation; from the smallest moments to the largest monument.
My youngest will be leaving the nest this year to embark on her very own journey. With hard work near completion, she will begin a new threshold to endeavour bigger and greater experiences and milestones. She has been grounded to keep it going, to turn it around, to relish all there is as she moves on. All that is bright awaits...celebrate!!