Thursday, August 14, 2008

Election Nightmare

Well, it looks like the Canadian media once again is speculating about a federal election. Of course the speculation has its roots somewhere from the PMO. Not to worry though...the electorate is stupid and politicians count on this proven fact. For an event where people can make their mark to make a difference, their apathy is shown through low voter turn out. I mean, really...even if a person is undecided, it is no reason to not vote. One could have a brilliant epiphany in the voter's box and come out proud upon doing one's duty in expression of free choice.

Instead, we've seen the likes of Brian Mulroney (federal) and Mike Harris (provincial) take advantage of the voting process...and believe me, it wasn't hard to do. In this day where people don't feel that they can make the time to research political candidates, and instead rely upon media snippets, soundbites and politically endorsed messages, the entire process is usurped. The general public is told what to believe and on that belief vote for the most capable candidate. So the rest of us educated voters are left shaking our heads. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! It only takes the better part of an hour to educate oneself properly on the parties and candidates.

In the case of Mulroney, can you now believe how erroneous it was that he was voted in. Clare Hoyt penned a book "Friends in High Places". Poor Mr. Hoyt shortly lost his job at the Ottawa Citizen due to his critique of Mr. Brian Mulroney. I still have that book. However, I didn't need to read any critique to know what kind of person was being elected in as Canada's PM. If there ever was a show of self-serving gluttony and kissing the derriere of our neighbours to the south, we seen it with Mulroney. Remember when he broke out in tune to "Irish Eyes are Smiling" at a stately dinner with President Reagan? Mulroney taxed us more, squeezed Ontario out of funding when Bob Rae was Premier and then made us watch his exceedlingly dripping extravagance. Imagine...fitting 24 Sussex Drive with plumbing small enough for his children to reach. An expensive job with taxpayer money. Well we shall see in the coming year how much flew out the window and what policies were changed to serve his and his friends interests. Let me be clear, these 'friends' are what got him into power and of course, he paid them back with political appointments and exclusive multi-million dollar contracts.

As far as Mike Harris goes, there is a public record of his time on the school board in terms of absences and other episodes that I will leave you, the reader, to research. Basically, the damage he did to Ontarians is still being felt. What with downloading costs to municipalites...that's a catchy phrase...people seem to forget that when that happens, the taxpayer pays double or triple now what they were before. THAT MEANS YOU AND ME!!! Mike Harris and his government of the day were all about creating crises out of thin air...and they succeeded because people bought it!... and we're sorry later. Before Mikey was elected in, I went around to as many people as I could to ask their opinion on the coming election. What aggravated me most was the response "I'm going to vote the way my family has always voted". LED SHEEP I could say more, but both of these men in power illustrated power gone amuk.

If one really wants a good example of a true Canadian statesman who made you feel proud to be Canadian, it was Pierre Trudeau. He's not the only PM of that calibur, but at least I felt that Canadian interests were protected and everyone in the country had a real chance at becoming prosperous. Policies back then were for the enrichment of the people.

Growing up, politics and the state of the world were ongoing conversations. Encyclopedias and dictionaries were always front and centre. As I grew up, I noticed not everyone had the same education that I had. One thing though. We were taught to keep our voting preference to ourselves, even from other family it is an individual's right to vote with free conscience.

I'll be disappointed again next election. One, for voter turnout. Two, for grave inaccuracies and/or the convolution of facts.

Keep this mind. You know the way the crowd gets excited and cheers watching a game of sports? That's how some of us are on election night. It's because we are expressing our pride in being Canadian and knowing that we did not sit silent but more importantly, we used our democratic right for a say in how this country is to be run.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Please be is coming!